Kunst am Strand

Art at the beach in Heikendorf

The municipality of Heikendorf not only attracts visitors with its beautiful beach, cozy beach shacks and picturesque sunsets - here, art enthusiasts can also embark on an inspiring discovery tour...

colorful and curious

In the department store of art it goes on a treasure hunt, because in the realm of owner Sabine Luehr hide unusual, funny and special gift ideas. In addition to wooden coasters with Kiel Fjord print and desk lamps made of driftwood, there are also etchings, woodcuts and large-format acrylic paintings by the owner herself to marvel at. For her job, the freelance artist travels a lot around the world. Always on the lookout for interesting, new vendors for her beautiful store.

Kaufhaus der Kunst, Hafenstraße 27, Heikendorf www.kaufhaus-der-kunst.com

Art at the Kiosk

After or even during a visit to the beach, there is an art experience of a special kind to discover: In the middle of the promenade of Möltenort's main beach is the small art kiosk. During the summer months, various artists from the region exhibit their works here - either to take home or to order. 

Art Kiosk, Uferweg, Heikendorf www.schrevenborner-eigenart.de

Atelier 10

Also close to the beach is Anett Schadowski's Atelier 10. The artist, who was at home in the field of "experimental painting" for many years, devotes herself to "printing" in her Heikendorf studio. She uses the young technique of Gelli Printing to give the old technique of monotype a new shine. Every single print she makes is unique. She prints large sails that have already covered many nautical miles, giving them a new purpose. In front of and inside her studio hang colorful sails printed with fish, numbers and signs that flutter and shine in the wind. Each one of them tells its own story.

Appointments by appointment at Tel: 0170-2212955

Atelier 10, Kolonnenweg 10, Heikendorf

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Artist museum

Exciting art in a fairy-tale house, surrounded by a blooming garden with wonderful resting places. This idyll awaits you during a visit to the Artists' Museum Heikendorf. The former property of the painter Heinrich Blunck (1891-1963) is still decorated with some trees and shrubs of his time. In every corner there is a sculpture or other work of art to discover. The two-story, historic studio house houses works by the Heikendorf Artists' Colony from late Impressionism to the fading Expressionism of the postwar period. The artists' colony Heikendorf consisted of a group of artists who worked in Heikendorf and the surrounding villages on the Kiel Fjord during the last century. In the former home and studio of Heinrich Blunck you will find regional art in context with temporary exhibitions of European and international painting.

Artist museum Heikendorf, Teichtor 9, Heikendorf www.kuenstlermuseumheikendorf.de

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