Kieler Woche


Every year in June there is a very special atmosphere in the city, because it is Kieler Woche. Celebrate with us at the largest sailing event and summer festival in the north! Be there and experience the world's largest sailing event up close. With a range of offers such as attractive short, day or evening sailing trips, Kieler Woche has a lot in store for you. Whether it's a regatta escort trip, sailing along to the impressive windjammer parade, a romantic sailing trip to the fireworks or following the action on the water and the sailing regattas live in the Olympic harbour Schilksee - let your soul dangle and leave everyday life behind you. Look forward to Kieler Woche!

From the fireworks cruise to the windjammer parade
Boat tours

Sailing, fireworks and the famous windjammer sailing parade are among the highlights of the Kieler Woche program. In Schilksee you can follow the action on the water and the sailing regattas live. Experience Kieler Woche from the water!

Icon großes Schiff als Symbolbild für Kieler Woche Segeltörns
Segelparade 2023
Kieler Woche 2023 Traditionssegler und 12mr
Kieler Woche 2023 Traditionssegler und 12mr
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta
Kieler Woche 2023 J70 Regatta

There's something going on everywhere

During Kiel Week, life in Kiel takes place once again on and around the water. One program highlight follows the next. But you can also experience a lot on the water.

Icon Segelboot

Programme & Regattas

When will the regattas take place and what cultural highlights await you? Who is performing on the big and small stages this year and where is the party? All information about the Kieler Woche programme can be found on the Kieler Woche Office page.

Taster cruise on a historic Hanseatic cog

Experience the unique taster sailing experience with the impressive Hanseatic cog during Kieler Woche! With an impressive length of over 23 meters, this maritime gem brings the glorious era of the Hanseatic League back to life. Immerse yourself in history and experience at first hand what it feels like to sail on the waves of the fjord. 

The most important areas of Kiel Week - what is where?

Experience sailing at first hand
Location: Olympiazentrum Schilksee

Regatta zur Kieler Woche

In Schilksee you are very close to the exciting regattas! Accompanied by music acts on the beach stage and gastronomic offerings, it is mainly the sailing fans and stars who can be found here.

Balloon Sail - so close to heaven!
Location: Nordmark Sportfeld

Heißluftballons über der Kieler Förde

At the Willer Balloon Sail, many colourful hot air balloons float in the sky - a unique sight! Fireworks, live music and culinary highlights round off the evenings at the Night-Glow.

Colourful fun for the little ones
Location: Krusenkoppel

Spiellinie, buntes Schiff für Kinder

Children's hearts beat faster at the play line: hands-on activities for painting and handicrafts turn the Krusenkoppel into a work of art. Concerts, bouncy castles and much more provide fun!

International feasting
Location: Rathausplatz

Zwei Männer und eine Frau essen auf dem internationalen Markt zur Kieler Woche

Spanish paellas, Finnish elk burgers or Pakistani pakoras - numerous authentic delicacies of international cuisine await you at the international market. The colourful live supporting programme on the town hall stage rounds off the experience.

Woderkant Festival - inspiring!
Location: Kiellinie

Mädchen mit Blumenkranz beim Woderkant Festival zur Kieler Woche

Young and creative - that's the Woderkant Festival. Local start-ups offer various creative and sporting workshops here. There is also a lot to discover here in terms of culinary delights! In the evening you can dance and party to relaxed live music.

MUDDI Markt - the Mini Festival
Location: Lorentzendamm

MUDDI Markt zur Kieler Woche

© Lh Kiel / Julia Meyer

Social and ecological sustainability - that's what the MUDDI Market stands for. Here you will find a mini-festival with music, food, workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Funfair & Beach Club
Location: Hörn

Fahrgeschäfte auf dem Jahrmarkt zur Kieler Woche

©Lh Kiel / Jan Konitzki

At the Hörn you will find the large Kieler Woche funfair with many rides as well as the Beach Club to relax. Everything is accompanied by live music, acrobatics and gastronomic offers.

Action and adrenaline
Location: Bootshafen

Ocean Night Jump am Bootshafen mit Feuershow

©Lh Kiel / Thomas Eisenkrätzer

In the Ocean Funpark you can try out trend sports like fylboarding, stand up paddling or jetboarding. In addition, the OCEAN Jump World Championships take place here - a spectacle worth watching!

Further stages & areas at various locations

Radio BOB! Bühne, Kieler Woche, Menschenmasse

©Lh Kiel / Jan Konitzki

The Kieler Woche offers numerous music acts on different stages, so that everyone gets their money's worth. In addition to the stages, there are other areas such as the castle garden or the Geomar meadow.

Spend the night on the Kiel Fjord


Kieler Woche from above

Experience a breathtaking view over the roofs of Kiel, the fjord and the sailors. A trip up the town hall tower or a helicopter tour will give you the perfect overview.

Glamping zur Kieler Woche

© My Molo GmbH

June 22-30, 2024
Glamping at the Kieler Woche

In the middle instead of just there! Does glamping sound like you? Then take a closer look at this cozy sleeping option!

Our favourites

We love the "KiWo"! Our colleagues present their tips and favourites here. - Let our experts inspire you!

    Sternenzauber KiWo 2021-10
    Kiwo 2018 (127)

    Closing fireworks

    "Very important for me: the closing fireworks. It wouldn't be Kiel Week if this spectacle didn't take place above the city. It's the crowning glory of an exuberant party lasting several days. With lots of sport and just as many concerts, great food, lots of nice people. And rain and sunshine in alternation. That's typical Kieler Woche!“

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    KiWo_2022 (107 von 165)
    KiWo_2022 (114 von 165)

    The International Market

    "For me, a visit to the International Market on Rathausplatz is a must every year. Around 30 stalls from different nations offer typical local dishes - and you can also enjoy a fancy snack. Between the stalls you can make yourself comfortable and listen to the music on the town hall stage. During the day, artists and folklore groups from all over the world will be performing; in the evening, international top acts and special events from the state capital of Kiel will be rocking the stage."


    Colourful things for children

    "The Kiel Week is also a big party for the little ones. In Hiroshimapark, the puppet theatre ensures a good mood. The biggest highlight is and remains the play line on the Krusenkoppel. The theme changes every year and the little artists can bring entire worlds to life, let off steam creatively and learn about important topics along the way.

    KiWo_2022 (138 von 165)

    Bild 1: © Lh Kiel / Jan Konitzki

    The stage programme

    "You can almost always find me in the audience of a stage. In addition to the really big stars, Kiel also brings the little artists to the Junge Bühne, for example. Young bands present themselves to a large audience in the Ratsdienergarten. Who plays there is determined by a mix of open voting and a jury of experts.

    Seglerparade Drohne-30
    Windjammerparade (28 von 39)
    Windjammerparade (25 von 39)
    Windjammerparade (12 von 39)

    The Windjammer Parade

    "Sailing, of course, takes up the largest part of the event. Regatta participants from the most diverse countries come to Kiel to compete in races on the fjord. A special highlight for me is the windjammer parade on the second Saturday of Kiel Week. Led by changing tall ships, followed by hundreds of sailing boats, the spectacle is great to watch. Even more beautiful than just watching: Get a taste of sea air and sail along!"


Take a piece of Kieler Woche home with you! Various souvenir articles in the current Kieler Woche design are available.

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