Käse trifft Wein Kiel

Cheese meets wine

Cheese dairies meet winemakers from southern Germany against a maritime backdrop and invite you to feast, linger and enjoy from 14-16 July 2023 with live music every day!

Sheep's milk, cow's milk or goat's milk - the quality-tested and award-winning variety of cheeses, together with selected wines from different wine-growing regions, will ensure a variety of taste combinations.

Date: 14-16.07.2023
Fr. 14-23 hrs | Sat. 11-23 hrs | Sun. 11-18 hrs
(Cheese dairies open until 22 hrs on Friday and Saturday)
Location: Kiel boat harbour

Fri & Sat 16:30-18:00 | Sat & Sun 12:00-13:30
Cheese and wine tastings - on the trail of pleasure!

Together with German wines, fresh bread from the Kiel bakery Restez! and traditional sour cream butter, exciting cheeses from the KäseStraße Schleswig-Holstein will be presented and you will learn everything about the production and ripening of cheese as well as about the KäseStraße from the certified cheese sommelière Petra Schweim and the cheese affineur Cindy Jahnke. Selected vintners will give you insights into the world of wines.

Highlight: This year the tastings will take place in the BoConcept Lounge. Take a seat in comfortable lounge chairs in our floating living room on the pontoon.

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What awaits you

Wineries & Breweries

    Weinstand Bähr

    The Bähr winery, now in its 4th generation, has been in the family since 1772. Steffen and Petra Bähr produce young, fresh and high-quality wines: try and find your favourite!

    Weingut Bierle

    Summer, sun, wine! The bottling of the 2022 vintage has been completed and will be presented to you at Cheese Meets Wine. Look forward to a family wine from the Palatinate.

    Weingut Emrich

    Weingut Emrich is a small family winery that produces red and white wines with great attention to detail. Currently, the family around Christiane and Fred Emrich cultivates 12 hectares of vineyards around Biebelsheim with traditional grape varieties. Taste the family's specialities!

    Tip for connoisseurs: The stand of Weingut Emrich impresses this year with a special location. Take a seat on the sun terrace and enjoy the great view over the boat harbour!

    Weingut Kracher

    The Kracher Winery will be at the boat harbour again this year! The delicious sweet wines of the traditional winery from Burgenland can be tasted at Cheese Meets Wine. The white wine Muskat Ottonel and the red wine Zweigelt are especially recommended.

    The offer is rounded off with beer specialities from the Flensburg brewery

    The Pau Winery is located on the edge of the southern wine route. On more than 5 hectares, great importance is attached to quality and customer satisfaction. With a selection of over 20 wines, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Convince yourself of the delicious selection!

    Weingut Rickes

    The Rickes Winery is a third-generation family business. It is located in the Guldental, the largest wine-growing community on the Nahe. The main grape varieties of the Rickes winery are Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder.

    Wine has been grown on the Stauffer vineyard since the 18th century - and always in family hands. Tradition is very important here: Different grapes for red and white wine are grown in different vineyards around Flomborn. So there is something for every taste!

    Weingut Zehnthof Kruger

    The Zehnthof Kruger winery is a newcomer. The family-run winery around Frederic Kruger from Guldental has been cultivating 25 hectares of vines since 1797 and attaches great importance to the finely developed fruit and ripeness in their wines. Taste the harmony of flavours!

    Weingut Zehnthof Eller is a family business from Dorn-Dürkheim, which was taken over in 2016 and added to the Eller winery. The winery loves aromas and exoticism, whether sparkling wine, secco or wine: let yourself be enchanted by a noble drop.

    In the middle of the Westensee Nature Park lies the Deutsch-Nienhof estate, the northernmost organic winery in Germany. Since 2002, very special grape varieties that defy the harsh northern German climate have been grown here.

    Eric Otto serves the multi-award-winning organic beer Urstrom as well as various distillates from the Dollerup Distillery at his stand. The spirits and distillates, as well as the beer, are produced with love and refinement in Germany's northernmost cappuccino distillery on the mainland, which was founded in 1990.

    For the third decade already, exquisite sparkling wines from the Rheingau are produced here. The Sekthaus is considered one of the ten best German sparkling wine producers. Treat yourself to a time-out from thousands of bubbles in a glass!

Cheese dairies & food stalls

    Jahnkes Ziegenkäse

    Jahnke's goat cheese has been delighting people with its delicious cheese specialities for three generations. From fresh goat cheese to goat butter, there is something for everyone!

    Fancy something special? The farm also offers delicious goat ice cream from its own production.

    Meierei Möllgaard

    Taste your way through Meierei Möllgaard's unique range. Around 90 delicious cheeses from over 25 different farm cheese dairies await you!

    Ostenfelder Meierei is the smallest dairy in Schleswig-Holstein. Hauke Koll and his small team place great value on craftsmanship and tradition in cheese making and maturing. Their experience and love of cheese will impress you. Try North Frisian delicacies at Ostenfelder Meierei! Epicurean tip: Try the raclette on bread at the stand!

    Backensholzer Hof has been making cheese using traditional handicraft methods for over 30 years. The advantage: A particularly large number of natural ingredients are preserved - making the cheese particularly aromatic!

    Landkäserei Holtseer

    As a member of the Schleswig_Holstein Cheese Route, the Holtsee country dairy relies on genuine traditional craftsmanship. You can taste the cheese dairy's North German roots: with love for the coast and Schleswig-Holstein, full-bodied taste meets the most valuable raw materials.

    As the oldest Bioland farm in Schleswig-Holstein, Hof Berg stands for honest products that derive their flavour from good ingredients.

    Your address for delicious crêpes in Kiel and the surrounding area! Vegan ingredients are used for the homemade dough variations, but they are topped according to your wishes from a wide selection.

    Tip: To go with wine, crêpes with vegetables and cheese taste particularly good.

    We are pleased to announce that this year the Steffen Farm will once again be part of "Cheese meets Wine"!

    For meat fans among you, the culinary offer will be supplemented by burgers and bratwurst, so that everyone can really enjoy it.

Music programme

    BSC Trio

    BSC Trio - that is fine melodic jazz from northern Germany. With their own compositions, the three jazz musicians Stefan Aschermann, Bernhard Rosendahl and Christian Krauss from Kiel offer a dense and multi-faceted interplay in the spirit of Nordic jazz. The light and catchy melodies merge with rhythmic and harmonic elements to form a musical unity - polished and originally arranged. In improvisation, the artists show their sensitive and soulful playing.

    Jana Koop

    Singer-songwriter Jana Koop delights with her own songs and soulful covers. After several performances on small and large stages in Northern Germany, she is especially looking forward to the musical accompaniment of her sister Manon this year.


    Jen&Luke - two quite different musicians who together reach into the "bag of tricks" to revive classics or even long-forgotten songs. The titles of the heroes are interpreted with their own style.


    In the evening, the duo Klaroscuro from Lübeck mixes up the crowd a bit more. The Accoustic Duo brings the mix of guitar, South America and joie de vivre to Kiel. Let the sounds guide you!

    This year, the artist Michael Weiß will again accompany the Cheese Meets Wine event with jazz and blues sounds. A combination of saxophone, trumpet and vocals will accompany visitors into the day.

    Tino Unruh

    This year, solo artist Tino Unruh will enchant visitors to Käse trifft Wein with quiet and loud sounds. Tino Unruh is a true professional who has even supported the "No Angels" with his former band. Come by and enjoy an afternoon of wine, cheese and the best music!


Location Käse trifft Wein

Gourmet tips

You can find more Schleswig-Holstein products on GUTES VOM HOF.SH: Schleswig-Holstein's direct marketers present themselves and their products here. The selection offers everything your heart desires, including cheese, eggs or the finest organic sausage. On the interactive map you can find direct marketers and farm shops near you.

Cheese Route Schleswig-Holstein

KäseStraße Schleswig-Holstein has succeeded in firmly linking the state with the quality cheese awarded by Gütezeichen SH. Over 100 different types of cheese can be found in the rich assortment of the association, in which over 30 cheese dairies are members. They produce their cheese conventionally or in the best organic quality! Their craftsmanship also stands up to international comparison.


The quality seal

For more than 50 years, the "Geprüfte Qualität Schleswig-Holstein" quality seal of the Chamber of Agriculture has stood for quality products from Schleswig-Holstein. The award-winning product spectrum is diverse. It ranges from dairy products such as Holsteiner Tilsiter to meat and sausage products such as the famous Holsteiner Katenschinken and fish such as Glückstädter Matjes. All foods bearing the seal of quality are subjected to rigorous testing by independent laboratories several times a year.

Geprüfte Qualität SH

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