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Whether gourmet cuisine or homestyle cooking, international or traditional dishes, fish, meat or vegan food – Kiel's wide variety of  restaurants offer something for every palate. High quality, premium products and good service are guaranteed by our partners. Discover Kiel's culinary diversity – it's worth it!

„Wat de Buur nich kennt, dat frett he nich“

"Wat de Buur nich kennt, dat frett he nich", (High German: What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat), this sentence certainly described the culinary attitude of the true North Germans very well for quite some time, but the people of Schleswig-Holstein have also broadened their horizons considerably in recent years. As a result, a lot has happened gastronomically in the state capital in recent years. New restaurant concepts and hip bars are springing up like mushrooms along the popular Kiellinie. There are exciting newcomers such as Lagom and Moby, an old sea container from which the crew sell reinterpreted fish sandwiches and in front of which you can relax in deck chairs, as well as established restaurants such as the Kiel Yacht Club. You can also relax in the evening at sunset in the Seebar or in Germany's first completely floating beach bar, the Sandhafen. Here you have an incomparable view of the colourful hustle and bustle of the promenade from the water. Of course, the culinary people of Kiel always remain true to one preference, because if you live by the sea, you don't eat chopsticks, you eat fresh fish.

"After a good meal, you can forgive everyone, even your own relatives."

Oscar Wilde (poet)

Delights from Schleswig-Holstein: FEINHEIMISCH

The FEINHEIMISCH network is a group of agricultural producers and manufacturers, chefs and gastronomes, as well as private members and commercial sponsors, who are committed to the use of regional, high-quality food in restaurants and homes. Animal welfare and sustainability are among the values FEINHEIMISCH stands for. On the other hand, they avoids wasting food and energy as well as industrial finished products. In Kiel many hotels and restaurants participate in the environment- and animal-friendly concept: John's Burgers, Moby and Der Alte Mann are some of the members from Kiel's gastronomy scene.