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How would you like to start your holiday? With an extensive shopping spree? Are you more in the mood for cultural activities? Or are you simply looking forward to seeing the impressive giants of the sea stopping by in the middle of the city, watching the ferries on the fjord whizz past you or enjoying the hustle and bustle with a drink on the Kiellinie? Here you will get an overview of what you can see, experience and taste in Kiel.

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1233 is the year of the city foundation
is the year of the city foundation

"Kiel is beautiful, very beautiful, the most beautiful city in beautiful Holstein..., a splendid old nest and full of nice fellows."

Theodor Storm 

The Kiel Fjord

The landscape around the approximately seventeen-kilometre-long inlet of the Baltic Sea is characterised by sailing boats, cruise ships, sandy beaches, meadows, forests and lakes. Dive in and enjoy the maritime lifestyle that surrounds you on the Kiel Fjord.

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A day in Heikendorf

In Heikendorf you can spend a very special day, but also a very special night: In a sleeping beach chair directly on Möltenort beach. A unique experience that will stay with you for a long time. Holidaymakers Lene and Laura put it to the test...

Boat tours

Romantic sunsets, the gentle sound of the ocean and white sails blowing in the wind! If you want to feel the salty sea breeze on your skin, Kiel, the Sailing.City, is the place to be!