Mobilität in Kiel


As the state capital, Kiel can be reached by many routes. In addition to a broadly developed rail network and a direct connection to various highways, the port is visited daily by ferries and cruise ships from many different countries. As a hub for tourists as well as Kiel residents, Kiel combines the requirements of a high quality of life with sustainable and climate-friendly mobility with an extensive range of bus and ferry connections as well as a comprehensive network of bike paths.


Over 200 buses operated by Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft will take you to your desired destination. 80 vehicles in the fleet are already operated with low or zero emissions - and the number is rising. If you want to get around by bus, you can conveniently get information and buy a ticket via the NAH-SH app. This makes it easy to get from A to B at over 750 stops throughout Kiel and the surrounding area.


The Kiel Fjord forms the heart of the state capital. If you want to cross from one shore to the other, you can do this with one of the 7 passenger ships. A total of 13 ferry piers are served. However, the route schedule is divided into summer and winter schedules. If you want to know when and how best to change banks, the timetable for the Fördelinie and Schwenitinelinie will help you, or you can use the NAH-SH app to buy a ticket at the same time.


Kiel is a cycling city. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the well-developed network of bike paths, which also includes the 13 bike routes. Thanks to their good lighting, low-resistance surfaces and wide lanes, cyclists can reach their destinations in Kiel comfortably, quickly and, above all, safely.

The climate-friendly and environmentally friendly movement on two wheels is to be promoted. That's why there is the "Sprottenflotte" (Sprat Fleet), which consists of more than 700 bicycles that can be rented at about 115 stations. The best thing about it - the first 30 minutes are free! The fleet is supplemented by cargo bikes and eBikes, for which separate but still affordable rates apply. Using the app of the provider Donkey Republic, you can simply scan the QR code and explore Kiel by bike. And you can also rent an e-bike at the Welcome Centre for a daily rental fee.


For all enthusiastic cyclists who do not want to do without their own bike, there are over 5,000 bicycle parking spaces available. All those who want to be on the safe side can leave their bike at the guarded and weather-protected bike station "Umsteiger" directly at the station. A day ticket can be purchased for as little as 70 cents.

MS Gaarden2
Fahhradfahren an der Kielinie-7
E-Bikes (112 von 125)
Sprottenflotte (c) L Burmester (3)
Einsegeln (24 von 120)

Parking options 

The state capital offers around 9,500 parking spaces in the city center and its outlying areas. In the core area of the city center alone, you will find around 6,000 parking spaces in three large parking lots as well as in 14 parking garages and two underground garages. If you want to know where something is free at the moment, you can view the parking space utilization via the real-time display.

Those who buy a parking ticket can show it at many retailers in downtown Kiel and receive a subsidy for the parking ticket. Starting at a purchase value of 10 euros, you will receive a refund of at least 50 cents at over 50 participating stores. The ticket can be used at as many stores as you like and thus help you save money several times over! You can find more information about Parken-Plus here.


If you want to get around Kiel quickly and flexibly and don't have a suitable bus connection or Sprat Fleet station at hand, you can conveniently rent an e-scooter. Currently, the companies TIER, Bolt, Pferd and Lime offer their scooters in the free-floating system. The scooters can be rented via the respective app. A starting fee is charged, as well as a usage fee that accrues by the minute. However, it should be noted that the apps contain prohibited zones for parking the e-scooters and that other road users should not be restricted by the parked scooter.