The Ports & Terminals of Kiel

Welcome to Kiel! On the following pages we have compiled an overview of the various routes to the ferry and cruise terminals. We wish you a relaxing journey and a wonderful vacation from Kiel!

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Journey to the terminal

Are you traveling to Kiel via Hamburg Airport? The airport bus Kielius takes you up to 19 times a day and very comfortably from the airport to the ZOB / Kiel main station.

From Kiel Central Station, you can reach the four Kiel terminals on foot (except Ostuferhafen) or by bus. In addition, cabs are available around the clock at the main station.

"Kiel Bay, where our yacht dropped anchor around six in the evening, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and safest in all of Europe!"

Paul und Jules Verne (Sailor, Writer)

Cruise ship terminals


You can reach the Cruise Terminal Ostseekai, 1.6 km away from Kiel Central Station, in just a few minutes on foot or by car.

It takes about 15 minutes on foot and you can stroll directly through Kiel's city center. A great way to stroll through the oldest pedestrian zone in Germany or to have a coffee!

Would you like to use public transport? The following bus lines will take you directly to the Cruise Terminal Ostseekai (bus stop "Seegarten Ostseekai"):

Bus 41 in the direction of Kiel TannenbergBus 42 in the direction of Kiel RungholtplatzBus 61 in the direction of Kiel RungholtplatzBus 62 in the direction of Kiel Woltersweg

You can access the Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft website here.


Schwedenkai can be reached on foot from the main station in around 10 minutes.


It is only a 10-minute walk from the main train station to the Norwegenkai. You can reach the terminal via the pedestrian bridge "Hörnbrücke" opposite the station.

East bank harbor

We recommend traveling to the Ostuferhafen by public transport or cab. Cabs are available around the clock at Kiel Central Station without advance reservation.

Bus number 11 in the direction of Dietrichsdorf will take you from the main station to the Grenzstraße bus stop. From here it is about a 15-minute walk to the check-in.

Bus companies can park their buses here:
Rosenow GmbH & Co. Truckport Kiel KG 
Edisonstraße 44 | 24145 Kiel 
Tel. 0431 71757-90 | Fax -95

La Belle-Poule (20 von 27)
La Belle-Poule (24 von 27)


Kiel.Sailing.City - this is the trademark under which the capital of Schleswig-Holstein is known to sailors worldwide. The Kiel Week in particular, but also other top-class sailing regattas, have made the Olympic city of 1936 and 1972 the world capital of sailing. However, it's not just about points and trophies on the Kiel Fjord - sailing is part of life in Kiel. There are over 2,200 water berths and 460 land berths for yachts and dinghies in the nine marinas in the city. There are also numerous berths in the harbors of the surrounding communities on the fjord. There is even a harbor for traditional sailing ships and historic watercraft.

Port operators

Sporthafen Kiel
The society of sailors and motor boaters: 9 marinas, 2600 berths...and a lot of sea. Download overview map 

Baltic Bay 
Marina Baltic Bay, a marina with a special touch - a perfect combination of comfort and service - that is the basic philosophy of the Baltic Bay yacht center.

Museumshafen Kiel

The non-profit association was founded in 2003 and has been operating a traditional harbor in the Germania Basin of the Port of Kiel ever since. Traditional sailing ships and historic vessels that were used for coastal shipping in Northern Europe in previous centuries are moored here. The colorful picture ranges from small coastal fishing boats to the large and well-traveled Marstal schooners. The ships are not intended to be "chained up", but to fulfill their purpose as traditional ships on the move.

The coming and going of the ships, as well as the work of the crews and owners on their ships, always presents the visitor with a lively picture of the harbor.

Am Germaniahafen, 24143 Kiel