Shopping in der Dänischen Straße

Kiel's city centre

Find a diverse selection of shops, boutiques and department stores that invite you to stroll and shop. In addition to well-known brands, discover local boutiques and handicraft businesses that delight with lovingly made products. In addition, enjoy the unique flair of the historic old town and let yourself be inspired by the city's maritime atmosphere. And the best thing is: sustainable shopping is written large in Kiel. Numerous shops focus on fair production conditions, ecological materials and resource-saving manufacturing processes. So you can not only enjoy new favourite pieces, but also make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Focus on the city centre

    The new Holstenfleet, a water connection between the boat harbour and Kleiner Kiel, has revitalised the city centre and brought the water even further into the city. Around the Holstenbrücke, new restaurants and cafés have settled next to shops and seating areas invite you to linger after an extensive shopping spree.

    Holstenfleet im Sonnenuntergang

    Many shops, which have settled around the Alter Markt all the way to the Ziegelteich, have special and beautiful things in shop for you. Holstenstraße is a popular meeting place for young and old, which may certainly also be due to the Holstenfleet. Holstenstrasse was once a land route to central Holstein and is now Germany's oldest shopping area. Together with Dänische Straße, it forms the original north-south connection to and from Kiel. There is a lot going on here, as both the shopping shops and the gastronomy are in a state of flux. Apart from that, it's only a short hop to the boat harbour, where you can enjoy a well-deserved cappuccino on the steps right by the water after your extensive shopping tour or satisfy your growling stomach with a juicy burger.

    Shopping in der Holstenstraße

    The Dänische Straße is considered Kiel's noble promenade. This is also due to the fact that you will find a piece of the historic old town here: charming cobblestones, imposing houses from the imperial era and lovingly managed commercial buildings. Matt black lanterns line the street from both sides and emphasise the restrained, nostalgic look. The shops you find here are often owner-operated. So a nice chat is just as much the order of the day as a friendly invitation to get to know these classier boutiques better. In addition to top modern shops, you will also find old crafts such as a furrier or a saddler. Culture is not neglected in Dänische Straße either: the changing exhibitions in the Warleberger Hof town museum and a tour of the monastery garden round off the experience.

    Shopping und Flanieren in der Dänischen Straße

    Small-scale, sustainable and hip - that's the Kehden-/Küter-Kiez. The young target group can be found in the individual stores, which focus on local and sustainable brands and products. Surfers and skaters, but also those who have a casual lifestyle without a board, gather here to shop locally with quality in mind, drink the best coffee in town or take advantage of the cult nightlife offers.

    Genießen Sie einen Kaffee oder ein leckeren Snack in einem Café o.ä.

    After major renovations, Schloßstraße had to reinvent itself. With Erdkorn, mu:d Coffee and Bonscherhus, it has real gems on the ground floor and residents on the upper floors who see more in Schloßstraße than just the way to Kiellinie. It is their front garden, their neighbourhood - as you can see not least from the pretty raised beds for which residents and tradespeople have taken over sponsorship. There is a particularly familiar atmosphere here - reliably accompanied by the chimes of the neighbouring Nikolai Church, which offers a varied programme of events.

Pop-Up Stores

Always surprising, always new - that's what Kiel's city centre wants to be for you! Keep your eyes open: Our pop-up stores offer space for innovation, art and culture and bring reliable variety to your city centre experience through the constant change of usage concepts.

Conscious consumption
Sustainable shopping on the fjord

Fast fashion was yesterday - today you can shop with a clear conscience thanks to conscious consumption and sustainable concepts. Kiel offers numerous addresses for brands and shops that specialise in sustainable products. Here you will find ecological and fair fashion, jewellery and accessories that have been produced with environmental and social standards in mind. Some shops also use recycled materials and innovative production processes to minimise environmental impact. Discover the variety of sustainable products and help protect the environment!

    In their eco-concept store, Berit Rücker and Sandra Zander have created a gem of sustainable and beautiful things. Clothes, accessories, jewellery, children's clothes... and everything is produced fairly and sustainably.

    Dorfstraße 5, Heikendorf

    Mo–Fr 10–13 Uhr und 15–18 Uhr
    Sa 10–13 Uhr

    Visitors can look forward to an extensive, 100% sustainable range of organic wines, organic spirits, organic delicatessen, natural cosmetics, regional and fair trade products, craft beer, stationery, vinyl and vintage favourites. The innovative mixed-use concept of the Zwanck family convinces with personal commitment and selected products.

    Schülperbaum 2 & Holstenstraße 2–12 

    Mo–Fr 11–18 Uhr
    Sa 10–18 Uhr (Schülperbaum 2: 10-13 Uhr)

    Where Frau Beta has been offering cool and sustainable fashion for many years, Frau Beta+ is the matching concept store that combines the many other sustainable things that make life better: cosy lounge and homewear, special home accessories like the small studio where Tania and her team sew their own clothes. Whether you are looking for something specific or feel like strolling around - a visit to Ms Beta and Ms Beta+ is always worthwhile.

    Wilhelminenstraße 27 

    Frau Beta Mo–Fr 11–19 Uhr, Sa 10–16 Uhr

    The Kosmos Store is a large pop-up store in Kiel's city centre with fairly produced products from more than 150 start-ups, creatives and companies from Kiel and the entire north. On six levels, in addition to the many great and sustainable products, there is now also a cosy café to relax and linger, a space to rest, exchange and try things out, and the opportunity to hold and attend events and workshops.

    Holstenstraße 76

    Mo–Sa 12–18 Uhr

    What started out as a small surf shop in 1997 has now grown into a specialist shop for neoprene, water sports articles and sustainable textile trends. Whether you're a wave-savvy semi-professional or looking for the perfect gift - here you'll find expert advice in a family atmosphere.

    Kehdenstraße 2–10

    Mo–Fr 10–19 Uhr
    Sa 10–18 Uhr

Icon Kleidung wiederverwenden

Clothing and accessories with history

If you are looking for clothes with a history or want to give a favourite piece a second chance, you will find it in one of the numerous second-hand shops in Kiel. There is a large selection of shops here that offer second-hand clothing and accessories. Find real bargains and help protect the environment at the same time. Many of the second-hand shops focus on a sustainable philosophy and offer clothes that are made of high-quality materials and are in good condition.

    The concept here is simple and sustainable: second-hand meets upcycling. Used, high-quality clothes are sold for little money, and the pieces that don't go on sale are used to create great other projects.

    Fleethörn 38

    Mo–Fr 9–15 Uhr

    Anna Dohrn's charming shop convinces with its living room atmosphere, cosiness and many great Scandinavian brands.

    Gutenbergstraße 4

    Mo, Di, Mi, Fr 10–18 Uhr
    Sa 10– 13 Uhr

    Individuell At Individuell, Nastja Steingräber now offers you a great concept shop in addition to the pure second-hand fashion shop - and has thus created a mecca for fashion, interior and sustainable thinking.

    Bremerstraße 9

    Mo–Fr 11–18 Uhr
    Sa 11–15 Uhr

    Here you can buy second-hand fashion for women, men and children at prices per kilo. The concept: The price per kilo decreases daily during the first two weeks, and in the third week the goods are available at a very low fixed price. After the three weeks, the assortment is completely replaced. So a visit is always worthwhile!

All shops in the city centre

Around 400 shops, restaurants and service providers are located in the city centre. We have sorted them by sector for your better overview.