Sonnenuntergang am Strand im Schlafstrandkorb

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Sleep and Stroll - a Day in Heikendorf

In Heikendorf you can spend a very special day, but also a very special night: In a sleeping beach chair directly at the Möltenort beach. A unique experience that will stay in your memory for a long time. The vacationers Lene and Laura have tested it...

Morning on the Beach

A few waves gently but audibly crash against the beach, the first rays of sunlight tickle us awake. We carefully open the roof of our sleeping beach chair and look around, still slightly sleepy: The Möltenort beach is still deserted, a few seagulls circle over the sand looking for the first prey of the day. We take a deep breath and enjoy the early morning atmosphere. For the first time in our lives, we have spent the night directly on the beach - in a sleeping beach chair. This is no ordinary one: it is 1.40 meters wide and 2.30 meters long and thus offers enough space for two adults. It can be closed with a weatherproof tarpaulin to make it waterproof and windproof.

A Miracle of Space

One day before we had picked up the key for the beach chair at the Tourist Information in Heikendorf. We got a short introduction how to open and close the basket and in a self-made video we even saw a small "room tour" of our sleeping chamber. After all, the sleeping beach basket is a true miracle of space! With a hidden shoe rack and two compartments to safely store bags and cell phones, no personal item has to stay out of our bunk. Additionally, we were handed garbage bags, keys and smart cards for the restrooms. You have to bring your own bedding. Wrapped between blankets and pillows, we gazed at the calm water for ages until darkness swallowed the beach whole...

Fresh Fish and Regional Art

After we have returned the key to the Tourist Information at the harbor the next day, we stroll a bit between the boats and observe a few fishermen who sell their freshly caught prey directly from the cutter. We decide to buy fresh fish on our next visit as well.

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Today we leave the sea delicacies to the waiting people, because we still want to visit the artist museum, which is located about 20 minutes walk away in the center of Heikendorf. In the pretty, ivy-covered house of the artist Heinrich Blunck, who died in 1963, changing exhibitions of regional and international art take place.

At the end of the day we are full of wonderful impressions and enthusiastic about what Heikendorf has to offer. We will definitely be back - not only because of the fresh fish, which we can already see in our minds' eye golden brown and crispy fried in front of us on the plate.

Extra tip: The sunset on the beach can be enjoyed especially well with a cocktail in a beach chair or in one of the beach bars....

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